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The Significance of Mobile App Development Services

The demand for mobile app development services in Vadodara, Gujarat, India is booming in this era of tremendous mobility.

Having a dedicated mobile application does wonders for any business venture, so much so that it directly and indirectly invites substantial growth.

This is simply because mobile applications over the years have inculcated in them tremendous potential when it comes to customer retention, customer loyalty programs, customer-product connection, customer engagement and ultimately greater sales.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications have become one of the most sought-after mediums for marketing management, customer relations management, operations management, and overall organizational business management.


In 2020, a staggering 218 billion mobile app downloads were recorded. This is a whopping 7% yearly increase!


In 2020, an approx. figure of 4+ hours was recorded as the average daily time spent on a mobile, which is roughly a 20% yearly rise!


It’s estimated in a recent survey that by 2021, there are going to be approximately 7 billion mobile users across the globe!

Why Choose Professional Mobile App Development Company?

Mobile app development services are crucial. An app with terrible load times, product crashes & complicated registration fields contribute to bad UI and UX  designing services while evading the growth potential of your business.

70% of the users give-up on an app due to excessive loading time. 43% of users do not prefer to wait for more than three seconds for an app to load. 65% of the users are of the opinion that a bad mobile app experience makes them dislike the brand.

52% of the users are not satisfied by their overall app performance.

29% of the users uninstall an app in case they feel it’s not worth it.

52% of the users are not satisfied by their overall app performance.

Our web & mobile app development services form the thin line between mainstream mobile apps and outcome-centric mobile apps. We at P5Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. have an ardent and highly qualified workforce inclusive of mobile app developers.

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