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10 Latest Google SEO Algorithm Updates in 2021

Google SEO Algorithm Updates

10 Latest Google SEO Algorithm Updates in 2021

Google is known for its regular algorithm updates meant for quality Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In 2021, it introduced a series of SEO algorithm updates to strengthen the overall experience for search makers. Also, there are Google webmaster guidelines in place which regulate the fair usage of its SEO algorithms.

Here are the latest SEO algorithm updates announced by Google throughout 2021, that has changed the way webmasters would function:


Product Review Update

Product Review Update

This latest product review update comes as of December 2021 where Google intends to support websites that provide genuine and detailed product reviews. The aim is to help users make wise decisions when buying products. A similar update was introduced in April to deal with websites with made-up or ingenuine product reviews.

Core Update

In its Broad Core Algorithm Update, Google’s emphasis on good quality content over traffic-generating content has once again come to the limelight. It’s a drastic measure from Google and something to ponder on for website owners who’re focusing merely on SEO rather than providing value-driven content to the users.

Spam Update

The spam update by Google, as the name suggests, intends to enhance the search experience for users. To do this, the update filters out websites that seem spammy. As a result, websites may undergo fluctuations in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings. Moreover, websites that abide by the Google Webmaster Guidelines and perform White Hat SEO will ideally not be affected by this update.

However, sites not complying with the guidelines or indulging in Black Hat SEO practices may come under the radar.

Page Experience Update

Google’s page experience update does exactly what it sounds like! It intends to measure factors related to user experience while surfing through web pages. Numerous aspects like easy navigation, engaging user interface, and usability of the websites are up for consideration with this update.

Content Update

A specific algorithm update in the form of the content update has been introduced by Google. Users will observe website results having relevant content based on their search terms. Also, how active the websites are in posting new content regularly is also one of the major factors this update intends to measure.

Keywords in Meta Title Tags

In a very specific update, Google intends to strengthen its algorithm where it scans for keywords in the meta title tags. This is to provide users with better search results that match their requirements. This update has made meta title tags more important in terms of obtaining a higher search ranking.


Backlinks and Internal Links

Backlinks and Internal Links

As one of the most significant SEO algorithm updates, backlinks are now the third-most essential factor for better SEO. Google pays close attention to hyperlinks and their quality in terms of adding value to the user’s search journey.

Just like backlinks, internal links matter too. Google’s latest update pertaining to web linking makes it crucial for SEO service providers, SEO agencies, and SEO companies to ensure genuine and value-driven links on web pages. Internal linking of web pages provides Google with an easy path towards scanning a website and determining its quality.

Mobile-friendly Website Update

The growing number of mobile users made Google introduce an update that prioritizes mobile-friendly configurations of the websites. This means websites not having a proper view for the users visiting via mobile/tablets may experience lower rankings. Specific factors include user-friendly design. usability, easy navigation, and convenient functionalities.

SSL Certification

SSL Certification

Google gives high importance to the users’ security and online safety as it helps Google maintain its prowess of being the most trusted search engine.

Hence, websites with an SSL certification give Google the much-needed cushion to provide users with reliable search results. In a way, Google intends to guide the users towards secure online sources that can provide value while not impacting the users’ data privacy.

Schema Markup and Keywords

Keywords and Google SEO algorithms always go hand-in-hand. As per the latest SEO algorithm update, the schema markup and keywords are now more crucial in web descriptions, URLs, and other SEO elements. The crux of this update is that keywords make it easier for Google to serve its users with relevant search results.

Google SEO Algorithms in a Nutshell

Google has always ensured to keep upping its game for the betterment of its user community. Also, due diligence and transparent web searches remain on the top of its list. As a matter of essence, Google expects and intends to have only the highest quality of websites at the top ranks of its search results page. From security to content – everything has become of importance for Google to its best extent.

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