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How to Enhance Customer Service: 3 Guaranteed Ways

How to Enhance Customer Service: 3 Guaranteed Ways

I If you have a dilemma about the influence of customer service quality on your business, check these facts: inadequate customer service costs businesses more than $85 billion a year. This enormous cost comes as a consequence of customers having to wait unreasonable long for an agent’s reply, bolting from agent to agent, or even facing discourteous manner. Such an embarrassing experience is the cause for 70% of customers to terminate their associations with a company and, most probably, switch to rival services for a better experience. If you desire to offer high-end quality services and retain your customers, you might count on some guaranteed ways to do that from P5infosoft’s IT support practice.

    1. Decrease your response time

    Customers don’t have a whole day to anticipate an agent’s reply. Most of them presume to be answered in 40 minutes by an email, in 20 minutes by a social media, and just in 45 seconds by a live chat or a phone line.

      While using an email, to heighten agents’ performance and decrease their response time, you may provide time-based email alerts. Additionally, you may give pre-designed email templates in your customer service software or mailbox. To enhance the active customer support by live chat and social media needs, either building a more extensive support team or installing a self-service gateway to provide customers more possibilities for self-help.

          1. Provide round-the-clock support

          Another productive way to enhance your customer service is to make it available 24/7. Always available customer service is particularly essential for companies with a massive number of customers from all around the world. To secure the uninterrupted availability of your service, you may hire a few customer service agents to work in shifts. Alternatively, if you have restricted resources and would like to save on customer service, you may use a chatbot, or outsource your help desk support, to give it the extra human impression.

              1. Support various communication channels

              To earn clients’ loyalty via your customer service, you should build an opportunity to reach your support via any communication channel your customers use. Adding new communication channels can help you cover customer segments that could have remained abandoned before. So, to enhance your customer service accessibility, you might support as many communication channels as possible, including:

                  • Phone
                  • Email
                  • Website
                  • Live Chat
                  • Chatbot
                  • Social Media

              Still, make sure your customers get consistent user experience despite the channel they use.

              Is there anything left to do for Best User Experience?

              When your customer support is fast and completely available, carry out the next development measures, including:

              • Allowing free return shipping
              • Customer satisfaction reviews
              • Tracking your customer service metrics
              • Responding to every customer feedback

              If you feel the requirement of support to enhance or reconstruct your customer service process, P5infosoft’s team is ready to contribute.