Local SEO Services

7 Types of SEO Services Every SEO Company Must Offer

Local SEO Services In India

Before you shortlist an SEO company in India, let us enlighten you with the essential aspects…

A business needs the attention it deserves. Imagine having a brand so popular that it’s a part of random discussions happening at a party! Same is the case with achieving a strong online presence. It can be accomplished using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services from a reliable SEO or Digital Marketing Company.

SEO is responsible for improving your brand’s visibility on search engines like Google and Bing. It helps in showing-up your web content at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This further exposes your products/services to the online traffic, giving a boost to your lead generation goals.

SEO isn’t a singleton concept. It consists of various branches meant for specific optimization purposes.

Here are 7 types of SEO services that all SEO companies in India must provide:

SEO Auditing Services

Every SEO company in India should provide auditing solutions. Before proceeding with full-fledged SEO strategies, businesses should get their existing SEO status checked.

  • Where do you stand in terms of SEO quotient?
  • What’s lacking and needs improvement in your website?
  • Does your content require revamping?

Based on these questions, SEO companies begin auditing your present scenario. They perform site speed analysis, assess your content grade, check your page links, and evaluate URL optimization. A detailed outline is created to ensure that the project work is aptly initiated to derive favourable results.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO services can be termed as the most underrated solutions. The most qualified leads for your business are the ones that share the same locale with your business area. Aiming to convert such leads into customers is fairly easier than most of the other conversion techniques. Companies can optimize particular places such as cities, areas, or even countries for that matter.

Firstly, the local SEO strategy targets the geographically eligible customer-base of your business. Secondly, it’s capable of directly augmenting your sales because it helps relevant traffic find your business locally. Usually, SEO companies in India resort to providing local SEO services as a special component of their service package. Quite rightly so, this should be the case with every other SEO service provider as it adds value to businesses.

E-Commerce SEO Services

If you’re running an online store, you would need your products to grab the eyeballs of many. E-commerce SEO services ensure that your e-business is able to do attract more online users to your product page or website. Specific keywords are used to optimize your website according to your industry. As a result, this invites qualified leads to your site. It connects the products/services you offer with users who’re only looking for that particular product/service.

Voice SEO Services

With better technology comes better opportunity. Not every digital marketing company is equipped enough to deliver voice SEO services. Even the most specialized SEO service providers find it tough to cater to clients’ voice SEO needs. However, every SEO company in India should offer voice SEO services to provide an edge to the clients’ brand flexibility.

On-Page SEO Services

Your website content, meta descriptions, title tags, and search engine snippets have to be optimized for better results. This falls under on-page SEO services where everything needs to be constantly optimized to ensure proper performance. Whenever new web pages and content is inserted into your website, on-page SEO has to be implemented. It’s important for SEO companies to provide on-page SEO services as clients continue to add new content on their websites. You can speed-up your website’s loading times and obtain high SEO scores using these services.

Off-Page SEO Services

Off-page SEO services utilize trusted and market-recommended methods to lure genuine and value-oriented links to your website. These links enhance your backlink profile and help you connect with other business entities interested in your products/services. Your online presence depends on the quality of off-page services you avail.

Attracting links and getting enough reactions on social media platforms is vital for any business. Off-page SEO services include blog posts, online materials, infographics, and much more. These ensure that you get optimum coverage from popular bloggers, media houses, and others. Some SEO companies in India provide content promotion services and outreach solutions to take their services to the next level.

Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO services are the most important ones for your business. Search engines favour the websites which have a user-friendly site architecture and a decent page speed. Technical SEO is all about optimizing a website’s backend structure because it strengthens the website’s overall UI/UX! All other SEO services are fruitful only when technical optimizations have been flawlessly performed.

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